Tomita Management Research, Inc.


Entry to the Japanese market

Japan has a population of 126 million and a huge market GDP of approximately 5 trillion dollars. On the other hand, entry to the Japanese market is sometimes not easy for foreigners.

Firstly, the issue is in the language; In the negotiation with Japanese companies or the collection of information, the correspondence in Japanese will be necessary to achieve the purpose effectively.Firstly, the issue is in the language; In the negotiation with Japanese companies or the collection of information, correspondence in Japanese will be necessary to achieve the purpose effectively.

Secondly, local business practice; The evolution of technology and the adoption of the innovative business model are essential for the growth of companies, although the approach in the style that does not meet the prevailing business practices will not work well. The negotiation based on the understanding of the way that a partner feels comfortable will be the key to a successful partnership.

And various regulations; Recently, the Japanese Government has conducted various deregulation to encourage the entry of foreign capitals, but you need to understand correctly the area where business opportunities are available and what regulations you still need to clear.

We provide you with the following services to overcome these problems and realize your entry into the Japanese market.

  • Quick Market Scan to find the opportunity area in the Japanese market
  • Extensive Market Research with information on Japanese regulations to decide your investment
  • Partner Search to find the right distributor or agent for your products
  • Negotiation Support for successful negotiation with a potential partner by arranging the meeting and accompanying with you
  • Listing your products on an e-Commerce site
  • Support for establishing local business offices in Japan

Sourcing and Procurement

Japan produces various high-technology, high-quality and competitive products for overseas markets. We can help you source the right products or services from Japanese manufacturers and producers according to your needs, find the right supplier, and provide the following services.

  • List of potential suppliers in Japan for the desired product
  • Negotiation with the potential supplier on behalf of you
  • Meeting arrangement for your direct negotiation with potential suppliers with providing translation when required
  • Support during your procurement from the selected supplier

Representation and Management

Suppose you want to do business in a new territory, but it is too early to post an employee there, or you need a local director for a new region. We can act as a local extension of your team, working part-time for your company and keeping in close contact with you. You can hire us for two days a month, or two days a week, whatever is necessary to follow up the task related to your business.

  • Management work for your office in Japan
  • Liaison office function for your business development
  • Budget control and reporting
  • Fundraising
  • Troubleshooting


Japan is an aging society, and industries are suffering from this issue. In the coming decade, the number of owners older than 70 becomes approx. 2.5 million and a half of the company of this number are anticipated to operate without having successor candidates for their businesses. Some are closing their profitable business due to the inability to find successors, but there is a considerable number of owners who look for the opportunity to sell their business by M&A. Investment in these SMEs by foreign capital is one logical solution since such investors can enjoy the established cash flow from day one with the expectation of upside to extend the company’s market to the investor’s country and global market. We can support this M&A deal according to your interest and industry requirements and provide you with the opportunity information and advisory for the deal.

  • Search for potential target companies
  • Advisory work in M&A deals
  • Arrangement of M&A deal team (lawyer, accountant, etc.)
  • Financial due diligence
  • PMI support

Consulting Fee

  • Initial discussion of the contents of our consultancy service and estimates before the contract will be provided free of charge
  • Consulting fee will be decided after mutual agreement of service contents and conditions of the provision of the services.
  • Activity-based, Project-based, Monthly/Daily/Hourly based fees are available upon agreement.